We’re Hiring – Graphic Designer



We’re looking for: Graphic Designer (contract work, part time, with potential for full-time work)

Who We Are:

AIRSHP is a boutique design, branding and marketing agency founded by twin brothers Dustin & Evan Bozarth in Austin, TX.  We help startups and emerging businesses tell their stories thru branding & identity, custom website design & development, mobile app design & development, and social media marketing.  We’ve become known for our distinctive work in the concert and festival industries, the distilled spirits industry, the restaurant industry, and for our work with various tech startups.  We pride ourselves on taking interesting work with clients that trust and value our unique creative abilities.  In other words – clients come to us for the AIRSHP touch. Our standards are high.

Must Have:

  • An impressive online portfolio of recent work
  • Good command of your design tools (Photoshop & Illustrator at least)
  • The fundamentals: brand identity, layout, color, typography, web design skills
  • The means to work remotely (computer, internet, phone, Skype, etc)
  • Ability to follow direction and deliver compelling work
  • Ability to take very little direction and STILL deliver compelling work
  • Ability to both give and receive criticism and blunt feedback, constructively
  • Ability to communicate promptly, clearly and openly
  • Must be generally available during daytime hours for meetings and other communication

Web Skills:

  • Deep understanding of responsive design techniques, grid-based design, UI/UX best practices
  • Ability to take a web project from planning > wireframe > mockup > collaborating with developers > tweaking and redesigning details > completion
  • Passion for good user experience, common sense and attention to detail
  • Coding knowledge is a plus (HTML, CSS, etc)
  • Custom WordPress design experience is a plus.


If interested in working for a creative and thriving shop, e-mail your portfolio and examples to jobs@airshp.com.

Phases of the Moon Video Premiere: One Small Step for Jam

Announcing the release of Phases of the Moon Music & Art Festival‘s inaugural lineup film.. “One Small Step for Jam…”! BIG thanks to our friends Aaron Weiss (of One Story Productions) and Slate Systems, who collaborated with AIRSHP on this stop-motion film. We like to think of it as a nod to the Apollo 11 moon landing mission, a tribute to the spirit of exploration in all forms of art, and our own little Lunar Landing Conspiracy!

Phases of the Moon Festival

Phases of the Moon Fest
One of our newest projects is Phases of the Moon Music + Art Festival – its a new 4 day camping event held at a beautiful 3000 acre park in Central Illinois. Four days of feel good music from the likes of Widespread Panic, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Soulive, and Martin Sexton. AIRSHP is heading up the branding, web, and marketing efforts – doing our best to craft a fresh take on the age-old ‘summer camping & music festival’ model – and its been a blast so far! Its the kind of work we love to do – utilizing our collective experiences as designers, musicians, and of course – music fans.

Check out the Phases of the Moon Festival website and follow the fest on facebook.

Evan Bozarth wins Austin Poster Artist of the Year Award

We had fun at the 2014 AMP Awards! Thanks to Austin Music People (AMP)  for recognizing Evan Bozarth with the Poster Artist of the Year award.  His winning poster for the ‘Dance Party to Beat Dystonia’ was chosen by the venerable Kerry Awn.
You can check out more of @eboz’s poster work here.

Boz Bros Duel on TypeFight!

TypeFight Duel - The Bozarth Twins

We recently had the honor of being selected to submit designs for TYPEFIGHT! – a sort of celebrity deathmatch for design geeks.  We were both asked to design a number 4 in honor of independence day – our designs were then pitted against each other in the octagon of public opinion.. The voting was neck and neck – but ultimately, it was my ‘4 Dollar Bill’ design that took the title over Evan’s ‘Stars N Stripes’ entry..  I must come clean and admit that I did get plenty of photoshop help from Evan with my design, so suppose I owe him a beer (or ten) and a bag of frozen peas (for his bruised ego).  Special thanks goes to Drew Roper for being the ‘Don King’ of this story.


DBOZ Phone Dispatch


Funny Computer Generated Transcription:
Hi this is Joey how are you … up it’s Steve you … coming to get the phone on the phone line to the Block to your space and … just calling to wish everyone a happy new year their ship is officially 1 year old and … we couldn’t be happier about the … things it transcribes since we just company doesn’t opened up shop we … just wanna give a shout out to our friends and family inclined to the Mae this year possible we’ve got some big things on the horizon and … can’t wait to share with you so … quick shout out to some of our clients in the past year Chet casey James tarmac milk shake media time to Fly needs it rail road revival tour Gram Wilson single vendor hey still trying get tickets municipal taste purple be crew door gate plaster … J. and J. landon marine costing days or some major Sean Nelson none you Perry got another Kelly Dead … or line samples on hey anyway … anyone else we failed to mention is we really appreciate you guys so … keep checking the website and face book twitter yeah you Yet … we can’t wait to … wrap with you in 32 page … they just

this voicemail->blog post was made possible by the fine folks at If This Then That..  its a sweet service that allows you to integrate tons of different web services by creating a simple recipe of events -> for instance, we have a recipe that says, “If there is a new post on the @airshp twitter feed, then post the same message to the airshp facebook fan page“.. pretty cool eh? the possibilities are endless.. and its just one of the many tools that we use to establish brands across the social web.

jQuery Plugin: Feed to JSON

I have been loving YQL ever since I figured out how to use it to scrape webpages and return the data as JSON – allowing you to turn any standard web-page into a simple API ..opening up endless possibilities for data mash-ups.. IMO, its the best thing Yahoo has ever produced!  

I wrote a little jQuery plugin that uses YQL to convert an RSS feed into a handy JSON object – this tiny extension makes its easy to work on rss feed mashups and widgets.. just check out this instagram tag search or this gimmebar user feed that i made in a matter of minutes..  

download from GIT-HUB

Greetings from the AIRSHP

We hope this message finds you well, the following is a primer for the uninitiated…

We’ve been around.
Although AIRSHP is new, as a 2-man team, we’ve been around the block a few times. We have a 12-plus year background doing quality design and development for the entertainment industry. We’ve spent most of our careers working for other firms and we’ve learned a ton along the way, but the day has finally come to set out on our own – to forge a company that is built from the ground up around us – our collective skills – our creative ideas – we’ve got something to say!

Who does what?
Dustin handles most of the development work and Evan handles the graphic design.. we share duties when it comes to creative and strategic services..

What kind of projects would you like to take on?
We prefer to take on projects that utilize our broad skill set – web design, logo, branding, internet marketing, social media strategy, user interface design, email newsletters, etc.. allowing the end result to communicate our clients’ message consistently and effectively across all mediums. Ya Dig? If so, we are actively seeking new projects to sink our teeth into.. holla.

We Have Lift-off! The New AIRSHP Website

AIRSHP is officially off the ground!  Many a-blood, sweat, and tears were shed in the process, but here we are.. finally able to show off our work to the world.. The goal was to create a website that showcased our collective talents in an intuitive and fresh interface that ‘gets out of the way’ and lets the work speak for itself..  we’ll post more on the details of the making-of process later – but for now, its time for us to rest and time for you to explore our work.  Feel free to sign up for our email newsletter and please do contact us if you are interested in chartering the AIRSHP for a project or three !

If you’re wondering, right now you are in the ‘LABS’ section of our website – which is more or less our blog – a place to post news, ramblings, links to cool stuff, and experimental projects that keep our creative fires burning ..

Plenty more to come!