DBOZ Phone Dispatch


Funny Computer Generated Transcription:
Hi this is Joey how are you … up it’s Steve you … coming to get the phone on the phone line to the Block to your space and … just calling to wish everyone a happy new year their ship is officially 1 year old and … we couldn’t be happier about the … things it transcribes since we just company doesn’t opened up shop we … just wanna give a shout out to our friends and family inclined to the Mae this year possible we’ve got some big things on the horizon and … can’t wait to share with you so … quick shout out to some of our clients in the past year Chet casey James tarmac milk shake media time to Fly needs it rail road revival tour Gram Wilson single vendor hey still trying get tickets municipal taste purple be crew door gate plaster … J. and J. landon marine costing days or some major Sean Nelson none you Perry got another Kelly Dead … or line samples on hey anyway … anyone else we failed to mention is we really appreciate you guys so … keep checking the website and face book twitter yeah you Yet … we can’t wait to … wrap with you in 32 page … they just

this voicemail->blog post was made possible by the fine folks at If This Then That..  its a sweet service that allows you to integrate tons of different web services by creating a simple recipe of events -> for instance, we have a recipe that says, “If there is a new post on the @airshp twitter feed, then post the same message to the airshp facebook fan page“.. pretty cool eh? the possibilities are endless.. and its just one of the many tools that we use to establish brands across the social web.