We Have Lift-off! The New AIRSHP Website

AIRSHP is officially off the ground!  Many a-blood, sweat, and tears were shed in the process, but here we are.. finally able to show off our work to the world.. The goal was to create a website that showcased our collective talents in an intuitive and fresh interface that ‘gets out of the way’ and lets the work speak for itself..  we’ll post more on the details of the making-of process later – but for now, its time for us to rest and time for you to explore our work.  Feel free to sign up for our email newsletter and please do contact us if you are interested in chartering the AIRSHP for a project or three !

If you’re wondering, right now you are in the ‘LABS’ section of our website – which is more or less our blog – a place to post news, ramblings, links to cool stuff, and experimental projects that keep our creative fires burning ..

Plenty more to come!