Boz Bros Duel on TypeFight!

TypeFight Duel - The Bozarth Twins

We recently had the honor of being selected to submit designs for TYPEFIGHT! – a sort of celebrity deathmatch for design geeks.  We were both asked to design a number 4 in honor of independence day – our designs were then pitted against each other in the octagon of public opinion.. The voting was neck and neck – but ultimately, it was my ‘4 Dollar Bill’ design that took the title over Evan’s ‘Stars N Stripes’ entry..  I must come clean and admit that I did get plenty of photoshop help from Evan with my design, so suppose I owe him a beer (or ten) and a bag of frozen peas (for his bruised ego).  Special thanks goes to Drew Roper for being the ‘Don King’ of this story.